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27 Nov 2018 04:54

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<h1>Have you learnt Who I am?</h1>

<p>Authorities say a 13-yr-old woman in Virginia requested an individual posing as a clown on social media to kill one among her teachers. Hampton police mentioned on Monday that the teenager asked the person to kill a instructor at Davis Middle School. The Every day Press experiences the request got here just a few days after social media threats involving clowns induced police to increase safety at faculties in Newport News and Hampton. Investigators say they did not consider the threats credible, however they nonetheless patrolled the faculties as a precaution.</p>

<p>The woman has been arrested and charged with one count of threatening to kill by electronic message and is in custody at a detention facility, in response to police. The case comes simply days after social media threats involving clowns triggered police to enhance security at other nearby colleges in Newport News and Hampton, Virginia.</p>

<p>Police say the teen used her private social media account making simple for cops to identify and file prices in opposition to her. Alexsandra Conley, 18, of Reading, Ohio, falsely claimed she had been the sufferer of a terrifying clown assault. On Monday, Hampton police elevated the number of officers present at Davis Middle Faculty but say they have not discovered any proof of threats towards different individuals or educating staff. Police stated they're taking the threat severely, but there is no such thing as a info that signifies the menace is credible.</p>

<p>Her arrest comes amid reports of eerie-looking clowns popping up in ten states and scaring residents since August. This weekend, an 18-year-previous pupil was arrested after lying to the cops that she had been the sufferer of a terrifying clown assault. Dozens of clown sightings have been reported in states across the nation.</p>
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<p>Alexsandra Conley of Reading, Ohio, claimed that a knife wielding man, dressed as a clown, had attacked her at 6am on Saturday, climbing over a fence and slicing her thumb. But police investigating the alleged attack found several inconsistencies in her story and after confronting the teenager, she admitted she had made the whole thing up as a result of she was working late for work. Final week, in an unrelated assault, another woman reported being attacked by a clown on her front porch in Reading, Ohio.</p>

<p>Different reports embrace worrying accounts of children being lured in the direction of woods by the disguised figures. In South Carolina, police have issued a stark warning to whoever is scary the neighborhood. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, sightings of this clown prompted concerns. It's illegal. It's dangerous. It is inappropriate, and it is creating neighborhood concern so it must cease,' Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller mentioned last month. His message got here after four separate reports of clowns close to play parks and condominium complexes.</p>

<p>One vigilante is said to have chased the clown away with a machete. Related claims have been made in North Carolina the place police acquired complaints of a clown offering kids treats. One other was reportedly noticed outdoors an elementary college in Winston-Salem, Fox Information stories. Police in town increased their patrols within the wake of the experiences. One man was arrested earlier this month in the area for falsely reporting a sighting. Different circumstances have been fatal. In Pennsylvania, a 16-year-outdated student was stabbed to loss of life by an attacker carrying a clown mask. Detectives are still trying to trace who killed 10th grader Christian Torres who was finding out at Reading Highschool. In some instances, the sightings have been harmless. One man was compelled to speak out after terrified Wisconsin residents made complaints of a clown strolling across the town of Inexperienced Bay carrying a handful of black balloons.</p>

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